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 We live in a time period where people often label others, without so much as hearing their story or what they stand for.  Whether it is based on political views, race, gender, class, location, age, etc. – when we label someone as “different,” we focus on countless reasons to distance ourselves. Today’s technology often adds to the distance, as we often use it to reinforce our own beliefs, rather than exploring other viewpoints. Conduit Conversations aims to repurpose technology’s use and bridge the gap between people through conversation .



A ‘conduit’ is defined by Merriam-Webster as “[a] natural or artificial channel through which something is conveyed” or “[a] means of transmitting or distributing.” Through our conversations, we hope to learn and grow through the wisdom of others. Our guests are intelligent, influential, wise, and living their passions. We aim to sit down with people who create purpose in their work, create wonderful things that benefit society, and those who have knowledge that they are willing to share with others—in order to help them succeed as well. 



Without awareness, it may be (and often is) difficult to approach new situations and experiences. Through conversations with others, we are introduced to new tools that we can bring with us on our own journey. By connecting the change makers and broadening viewpoints, we aim to improve the world—one conversation at a time. 


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